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Client Purchase History Tracker

You are spending hundreds, if not thousands, monthly to attract new customers.

But what are you spending to keep your past customers coming back?

Inventory System, Website, Commercial Truck Trader, local advertising, and other advertising.

We are not referring to your large clients. This is directed at the customers that purchase a few vehicles a year or even a single vehicle every 5 years.

Studies have found that it cost 5 times more to attract new customers than keep an existing ones.
And an upfit truck is a repeat purchase item.

There is no secret to creating repeat customers.

Customers simply want to know that they are more than just another “notch” on your Sales belt.  

This can be accomplished by occasional contact.  The key is to make the contact both personal and relevant.  

What can be more personal and relevant, than referencing the vehicles they have purchased and having relevant details about each.  Our Client Purchase History Tracking routine offers just that and is available to your salespeople anywhere they have access to the Internet.