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Work Truck Inventory Systems

An Easy Plug-In For Your Website

Need a Website?  We can help with that too!

Our Inventory Is Modular

Being modular means, you select the features you want to include in your inventory. This helps you manage your monthly investment, by not paying for features you don’t need.

It also means the features you don’t need today, can be added in the future, as your business needs change.

Our Inventory Is Customized to Your Needs
Each inventory system is a stand-alone system built specifically for the dealer. This allows us to customize each inventory system based on the dealer’s needs.
  • It uses a Domain name you own
  • You decide what vehicle types to include in your inventory
  • You decide what features to include
Our Inventory Can Include Most Vehicle Types and Equipment

Although designed specifically for work trucks, it is very flexible.  It can include equipment, upfit bodies, trailers, passenger vehicles, ….  

Our Inventory Will Not Pigeonhole Your Vehicles

Merriam-Webster definition of Pigeonhole: a neat category which usually fails to reflect actual complexities.

Every upfit vehicle has a primary category, but many can fit into more than one category. If your inventory does not offer multiple categories per vehicle, you are pigeonholing your vehicles. This means your vehicles are not exposed to potential buyers. Examples are Dump Trucks which should be included in Landscape Trucks, a Flatbed Truck with stake pockets should be included in Stake Trucks, a Step Vans might be included in a Box Trucks, Cargo Vans, Package Delivery Vans, …

It Won’t Pigeonhole Your Vehicles on Commercial Truck Trader, Either

Our inventory can automatically update commercial truck trader, as many systems can. However, just like our website inventory, our system can include your vehicles in more than one category on Commercial Truck Trader.

Pigeonholing your inventory is more damaging on Commercial Truck Trader, because there are many more vehicles vying for the buyer’s attention.

Create Your Own Window Stickers

Window stickers are a great marketing piece for vehicles, as they are understood and accepted by buyers. Our inventory lets you create your own window stickers, but it is not limited to the vehicle. Our system can create Upfit Body Stickers, Addendum Stickers and QR Code Stickers. These can be printed on blank sticker stock, using most office printers.

Most dealers don’t print them, because both the Vehicle Sticker and Body Sticker can be viewed virtually through the vehicle’s detail page. If dealers apply anything to the vehicle it is typically the vehicle’s QR code. This is because by scanning this code, the vehicle’s detail page will display on the cell phone.  This will remain on the phone until removed.

Create Loyal Customers

Upfit work trucks are a repeat purchase item.  What a commercial buyer purchases today they will most likely purchase again in the future.  With a little effort, and our Client Purchase History Tracking (CPHT) tool, you can help ensure this future source of income.

There is no secret to creating a loyal customer, they just want to know they are more than just another sale to you.  

This can be accomplished by having occasional contact with them, but the contact needs to be both personal and relevant. What is more personal and relevant than knowing exactly what they purchased.  Or even what they might have purchased from a competitor.  

Our CPHT offers this and more. From anywhere that you have access to the Internet you can see exactly what the customer has purchased.  This can include the Vehicle’s Detail Page, Images, and any associated documents. You will probably know more about what they purchased then they do.  This information means the contact person can be almost anyone, not just the original salesperson.

Multi-Site Dealerships

For dealership groups with multiple work truck dealerships, our Multi-Site system is a very valuable tool.

Each work truck dealership will have their own inventory system dedicated to their work trucks. 

The Multi-Site System also creates a combined inventory from all the individual sites. Each vehicle in this inventory will show the owning dealership’s name and contact information.  This combined inventory is a great feature that can maximize your work truck marketing investment.  It is even more important now that work truck inventories are so small.

Custom Work Truck Websites

In today’s business world national and regional product marketing is commonplace. Work trucks are no exception. Therefore, many buyers will have only your website to evaluate your dealership. Does yours convey the right message, or is it costing you business? A professional website, created by Marketing Angle, will build your credibility with website visitors and it will convey the right message.

A Work Truck One’s Strategic Partner

Marketing Angle specialize in creating websites that help small business compete with much larger competitors. This is one of the reasons we selected to partner with them. We have worked closely with them in creating a dedicated work truck website solution and in integrating our work truck inventory into that website solution. You will be very happy with the results.

About Work Truck One

Work Truck Pros is part of Advanced Integration Technologies (AIT).  AIT has been helping companies manage and control their warehouse inventories since 1994. In 2005, we brought our inventory knowledge and know how together to create a work truck inventory system for dealer’s websites.  

The inventory created is an excellent marketing tool for your work truck inventory. It is one of the most comprehensive marketing solutions for work trucks on the market today.

Most of our competitors stop there, but marketing is only part of the solution.  Inventory management is the other part. You will find that our extensive management reports provide helpful, insightful information about your inventory.  This information can help you make informed stocking decisions, so you have the right trucks at the right time.