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This inventory is a fully functioning inventory. Designed around work trucks and the work truck market.  Includes:

  • Multiple Categories Per Vehicle
  • Inventory Management Reports
  • Extended Feature Search
  • Vehicle’s Sales Message
  • Sold Banner Routine
  • Inventory Site Map
  • Search Results Page Ads
  • Quick Quote Routine
  • Commercial Truck Trader Updating
  • DMS Auto Inventory Load
  • Payload Capacity Search

This is an analytics reporting tool that tracks the number of users that visits your site. This lets you objectively evaluate the performance of your website.

This standard website includes a Home, Hours & Direction, and Contact Us Pages. It is customized for the dealership. Can be removed from any package, reducing the price by $100/month.

This routine sends a weekly email. This email includes weekly and monthly Google Analytics results. Weekly “Hits” and Truck Type Search Reports.

This routine can create and print Vehicle, Upfit Body, Sleeper, and Addendum Stickers. These can be viewed through your inventory or printed and applied to the vehicle.

This routine features a duplicate inventory, but for dealer’s only. It offers many marketing options including Vehicle Quotes, Personalized Vehicle Brochure, Printed Price Lists, …

This routine lets you add vehicles to your inventory that are not yet in your on-the-ground inventory. This includes inventories that are automatically updated by DMS.

This routine electronically stores and retrieves vehicle documents. The common documents are invoices for the vehicle and body, but can be any PDF.

This routine can record information about each vehicle’s sales transaction. This includes transaction date, buyer name, salesperson, and notes.

This is an inventory of sold vehicles. Any stored vehicle documents will be accessible through this inventory. As will associated sales transaction.

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