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Work Truck Websites, Inventory Systems and More

Advanced Marketing Package


The website will include the Home page, Contact Page and inventory links.  The Home page is the most viewed page of any website and therefore is the most important page.

The example above is a portion of the Home page.  The dealership banner is missing among other things.  It includes a variety of options in the navigation menu.  The Work Trucks option offers a drop-down of truck types to select from.

In this case the dealer has created other pages to include.  The pages can be created by us, or a third party, or can be links to 3rd party sites, e.g. Fleet Support. 

Dashboard Reporting

You can have the best website in the world but if your marketing efforts are not generating traffic to your site it will fail, and so might you. This is exactly why we provide a report like this each week.

This is based on Google Analytics. Google Analytics is an objective evaluation of a website’s traffic and is the
Gold Standard for analytic tools.

Window Sticker Creation

These are created from the vehicle’s information entered into the inventory.  Once created they can be viewed from the SRP or VDP pages.  It can also be printed on any office printer. 

These window stickers can be created for non-vehicles as well. 

Custom Images and Vehicle Details

Each vehicle in your inventory will include a custom image, illustrating a valuable feature of the vehicle and details specific to that vehicle.