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Creating Repeat Customers

Upfit work trucks are a repeat purchase item. What a commercial buyer purchases today they will most likely purchase again in the future. With a little effort, and our Client Purchase History Tracking (CPHT) tool, you can help ensure this future source of income.

There is no secret to creating a loyal customer, they just want to know they are more than just another sale to you.

This can be accomplished by having occasional contact with them, but the contact needs to be both personal and relevant. What is more personal and relevant than knowing exactly what they purchased. Or even what they might have purchased from a competitor.

Our CPHT offers this and more. From anywhere that you have access to the Internet you can see exactly what the customer has purchased. This can include the Vehicle’s Detail Page, Images, and any associated documents. You will probably know more about what they purchased then they do. This information means the contact person can be almost anyone, not just the original salesperson.

Call for details and pricing.

You might think this is enough to generate repeat business and it is if you are the sole source for the product.  But if you aren’t, then it takes more, it takes relationship building.

Our Repeat Customer tools gives you the tools to build relationship and it is fairly easy.